FTIS 2015

The FTIS Steering Committee are delighted to announce the launch of the 5th Fair Trade International Symposium, which will be held in Milan in May 2015. 

Building on the express efforts made in Liverpool to facilitate a close working relationship between researchers, policy makers and practitioners, the 5th Fair Trade International Symposium will be held in conjunction with the next World Fair Trade Organisation’s Biennial Conference and in parallel to Expo, Milano 2015, Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life.

The 5th Fair Trade International Symposium 2015, ‘Critically Developing the Fair Trade Movement: Trade justice in food, fashion and craft’, will develop critical analysis of the international Fair Trade movement in a number of key contexts. The reason for this theme is to connect with the immediate work of the Milan Expo and also the prominent yet largely under researched themes in the wider Fair Trade movement.

The event will be administered through a separate website hosted by the Politecnico di Milano.