Phd Workshop Participants

Welcome to the delegate page for the BRASS sponsored PhD Workshop, which will precede the Fair Trade International Symposium 2012. The only people who have access to this page are those attending the event.

For a list of the delegates who will be attending the workshop please see here.

Proposed Workshop Timetable

 10:00       10:25    
 10:30 11:05
 Presentation 1
 11:10 11:45
 Presentation 2
 11:50 12:25 Presentation 3
 12:30 12:25 Lunch (with early arrivals for the main FTIS + producer representatives)
 13:30 14:05       Presentation 4
 14:10 14:45 Presentation 5
 14:50 15:25 Presentation 6
 15:30       15:55      Refreshments
 16:00 16:35 Presentation 7
 16:40 17:15 Presentation 8
 17:20 17:55 Presentation 9
 18:00    > 
 People free to make personal or group dinner arrnagements

Presentation Format and Requirements

Delegates are requested to prepare a 20 minute presentation of their current or proposed PhD research project. The emphasis should be placed on providing that information that is most useful to introduce your work to the others in the group. This will probably include an explanation of why your research is necessary and interesting. What the background literature already tells us about the issue. What methodological approach is employed (with more or less detail depending on if you want support with this)? What (tentative) findings you have generated. How does your research, or how might your research relate back to existing knowledge or what implications this has for policy and practice. It might also be useful to finish with questions that you have for your peers, or perhaps present prompts to identify what you would most like to talk about in the 15 minutes discussion time.

The ultimate rule is that the intention of this day is to provide as much support and assistance as possible for your own project – and the presentation should facilitate that process.