PhD Delegates

Below is a list of all the participants who attended the PhD workshop in April.

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University of Birmingham

Research student at International Development Dept., University of Birmingham. I am interested in impact studies, evaluation, Fair Trade, certification, sustainability and particularly studies on cocoa farmer. Prior to my registration to university, i worked for NGOs for ten years working on issues of public policy, democracy, environment, humanitarian assistance and lately on farmers capacity building. I am keen to pursue my work on impact studies and cocoa farmers in the future.


The title of Duman’s presentation was:  Impact study of Kuappa Kokoo in Ghana




I am a PhD student in sociology (EHESS Paris). I study fair trade in tourism through the analysis of a netwok of french associations proposing fair trade travels and have done fielworks in Marocco, Peru and West Africa

The title of Amandine’s presentation was be: FAIR TRADE IN TOURISM: The issue of “mediators”



University of Leipzig

Valerio Verrea is a PhD student, awarded with a German Research Foundation (DFG) fellowship, in the Research Training Group: “Critical Junctures of Globalization”.  Since 2008 he has been a member of the Research Academy Leipzig. He received his master cum laude in political sciences and sociology at the Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale, Italy. Throughout his career, he has joined his academic interest with his commitment to civil society organizations.  Research Interests: Fair Trade and alternative economies, Social movements, Global governance, Complexity, Communication and media, Marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR), Intercultural relations. Ecology and sustainability.


The title of Valerio’s presentation was:  Fair Trade as an alternative to capitalism? The challenge of Fair Trade in the global socio-economic arena.



University of Helsinki

Joni Valkila’s PhD thesis on impacts of Fair Trade coffee production in Nicaragua has been submitted for examination in Development Studies, University of Helsinki. His research on Fair Trade has been published in Ecological Economics, Agriculture and Human Values and the Journal of Business Ethics. He has presented a paper at the Fair Trade symposium in Montpellier in 2008. He has worked on issues related to agriculture in Nicaragua, Madagascar and Ghana. He practices urban agriculture in Helsinki, including beekeeping and apple farming, likes to fish and hunt mushrooms and has wide interests beyond food.


The title of Joni’s presentation was:

Do Fair Trade Pricing Policies Reduce Inequalities in Coffee Production and Trade?



Queen Mary, University of London

Sofa’s PhD research focuses on British organisations that import products from the developing world as a form of political activism against global poverty and inequality. Could our importing practices prevent poverty at the root by moving highly value-added tasks to the South and promoting value chain upgrade, organising democratically, and replacing private profit with collective long-term gain?  Sofa’s BA and MSc degrees were in Bristol, awarded for high achievement, and this PhD at Queen Mary (London) is funded by the ESRC’s DTC programme.


The title of Sofa’s presentation was:

Alternative Importing for (Functional) Value Chain Upgrade as D.I.Y. Political Movement.



University of Kent, Canterbury

Fred holds a BSc, Dip.Ed, MBA and DBA.  He has experience in Further Education managemnet, and exposed to Higher Education teaching. Fred is a contributing author of the postgraduate textbook'Developing Skills for Business Leadership' CIPD - 2010.  His research interest is in the area of food marketing from ethical consumer behaviour perspectives.  His PhD programme since march 2009 at the Kent Business School within the Centre for Value Chain Research under the sponsorship of Home Grown Cereal Authority (HGCA, UK) is on the topic 'The role of personal values in the supermarket purchasing behaviour for fairtrade products in the UK'.


The title of Fred’s presentation was:

The role of personal values in the supermarket purchasing behaviour for fairtrade food products in the UK



University of London

Shannon Sutton is currently completing her PhD at Queen Mary, University of London. She has previously worked in Communications at Fairtrade Canada, La Siembra Co-operative (where she also sat on the Board), and the International Development Research Centre, in Project Management at London-based charity CSV, and at an eco-lodge in northern Mozambique. Her research interests primarily relate to international development, co-operatives, rural agriculture, and gender, and she has engaged in field research in Latin America and East Africa. She holds a Masters in International Affairs (Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University) and a Bachelor of Commerce (McGill University).


The title of Shannon’s presentation was:  Add Producers and Stir? (Re) politicizing Fairtrade participation

 Christa Steiner University of Vienna I am a student at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna. My thesis on the Impact of Fair Trade focuses on the complex dimensions of social, economic and environmental changes. Therefore I conducted fieldwork in Mexico at the honey co-operative “Lol K’ax”.

The title of Christa’s presentation was: 
The Impact of Fair Trade on the cooperative Lol K'ax in Mexico.